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ReversaTatt Tattoo Removal Jupiter specially in just tattoo removal. We use the PiQo4 tattoo removal laser which treats a wide range of tattoo colors and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of pigment deposits. It also has the largest spot size on the market, which allows you to deliver faster treatments. PiQo4’s ability to treat a wide variety of skin types. ReversaTatt is fully certified and experienced with years of tattoo removal experience. We offer three way to pay for your tattoo removal treatments. Pay in full, pay per session & interest free payment plans.

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Jupiter ReversaTatt Tattoo Removal Reviews

Dave and the team are excellent. Every time they're extremely welcoming and the process is quick which is nice.
Paul Nichols
Paul N.
Can't say enough about Dave and Wes. Went into this a year and a half ago a little bit cynical, but they have completely won me over. Of course I wanted it done faster than was realistic and Dave's mantra has consistently been since you are redheaded with very fair skin? I'm going to use low power that's going to take longer but I will not burn you or create keloids. I am now a huge fan and the tattoo that I wanted gone from an Ex is almost invisible!
Michael Clark
Michael C.
Everyone here is friendly! The tattoo removal professional himself is such a great funny guy. Makes you feel comfortable. He talks you through the session and is fast. Glad i picked this place I am going to be 3 sessions in today and can’t wait for my tattoo to be removed!
Savannah Pellick
Savannah P.
I am always in and out of the office. I am getting married soon and my results have been great so far !!!
Juli Foy
Juli F.
ReversaTatt is a great choice for your tattoo removal. The office is pretty and clean. They are always on time and I am so happy to watch my unwanted tattoo disappear with their help! Thank you ReversaTatt!
Amanda McDowell
Amanda M.
Great staff, very knowledgeable and friendly. Reversatatt Jupiter has shown to be prompt and professional each and every time. By far the best facility of its kind in the area, highly recommend!
Megan Alescio
Megan A.
Clean, professional office, appointments are timely with very little wait , if any. I LOVE seeing my tattoo disappear!
donna threnhauser
donna T.
Dave and Wes are both great! Very professional and you get in and out quickly during your appointment. I would recommend ReversaTatt if you are considering getting a tattoo removed.
Tiffany Black
Tiffany B.
Clean, professional office, appointments are timely with very little wait , if any, staff are pleasant. It’s a long process but definitely worth it.
donna threnhauser
donna T.
It was so easy to set up the initial appointment, share photos with them and get a quote was simple and they responded so quickly. They gave great instructions before my first appointment and even checked in on me after and answered a few questions I forgot to ask. I would recommend them if you need to remove that bad spring break whim of a decision you made.
Jennifer P
Jennifer P
Staff is so friendly and compassionate. They took great care to explain the removal process, which helps to give patience to the entire process. They try to make the removal as painless as possible!
Katharine Clukey
Katharine C.
In tattoo removal process now and seeing it get lighter and lighter between appointments. Very clean and professional atmosphere. Wait time for appointment is minimal. Very happy with results.
I’d recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Dave is the best! He’s so knowledgeable and willing to do what he can to put you at ease. All of the staff is great! They have text line if you have any questions about your process or if you just need to reschedule an appointment. I love it! Couldn’t ask for better customer service
Raven L. Cruz
Raven L. C.
ReversaTatt was highly recommended to me by a friend. I was very hesitant to even explore having my tattoos removed because I heard the pain was absolutely excruciating. ReversaTatt was very upfront and did an amazing job guiding me through my first experience. I was provided with great/very effective suggestions on how to cut down my pain level during my procedure and was supported during the process. I have had 2 sessions and have already seen amazing results.
Joy Schemenauer
Joy S.
Great company! Dave and Wes are awesome and explain everything from start to finish so that you feel comfortable and understand the process. I found them after going to another local tattoo removal company in the area that wanted to charge me an astronomical amount of money. Thank goodness I found these guys... I was able to text with them and send a picture of the tattoo before even coming in. They answered all of my questions very thoroughly. I would definitely recommend ReversaTatt for anyone needing their tattoo removed!
Amanda Accetturo
Amanda A.
This place is the best! Super clean and professional and it works awesome. Dave is an awesome guy who really knows what he's talking about. Took care of my unwanted tattoo and you would never know I had it! Check them out if you want your tattoo gone with a great result!
Adam Bagoon
Adam B.
Just finished my 4th session Dave and staff are are awesome!!I'm having 6 tattoos removed and can definitely see a major difference !!!Would definitely recommend to anyone that's ready to move forward with their life and remove some of their bad decisions !!!
Erik Feay
Erik F.
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PiQo4 Tattoo Removal Laser

Welcome to the future of getting rid of the past

PiQo4 treats a wide range of tattoo colors and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of pigment deposits. It also has the largest spot size on the market, which allows you to deliver faster treatments. PiQo4’s ability to treat a wide variety of skin types.

The PiQo4 brings unique technology with combination of unsurpassed advantages

Piq04 Tattoo Removal Laser Features

Most Common Tattoo Removal Questions

There are several different brands and technology lasers on the market today.  The latest is the new Pico technology. It has more energy with short pulse bursts and is much more skin sparing than the older Nano technology.   The key differences today amongst the PICO lasers is the amount of energy they can produce and how many wavelength settings it can use. Some lasers work just on blues and greens, some on just red and black and others have all the wavelength settings to remove all colors.

There is no thermal energy coming from the laser, so it cannot burn you or the ink out. The PICO lasers of today use light and sound waves to break up the ink into small particles that can be consumed by the body.

Amateur done tattoos usually come out quicker due to the fact that professional tattoo ink is rarely used and the person putting in the ink usually does not have professional training. Most homemade tattoos do not contain the heavy ink density of a professionally done tattoo.

Depending upon the type of substance used greatly effects whether or not a laser can remove them. Substances like soot and ash (primarily jail tattoos) can be removed as well as art ink like India ink. Other substances like permanent makeup ink and any substance that has heavy metals in them are harder to remove.