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We specialize in tattoo removal, it’s all we do and we’re great at it. Do you want the best tattoo removal experience?

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Tattoo Removal Costs

We are able to keep tattoo removal costs down by using the latest laser technology, which overall reduces the total number of sessions required to remove your tattoo.

Pico Tattoo Removal Laser

Our Lumenis Medical Pico laser is the newest laser technology in the tattoo removal industry. It is currently the most powerful two jewel laser on the market, which means better and more effective break up of the ink in your tattoo. For more info about our laser click here.

Safe & Effective Tattoo Removal

Dave Cope our Physician Assistant has removed thousands of tattoos and performed over 13,000 tattoo removal sessions. Due to the number of tattoos he has evaluated and removed he has developed the necessary knowledge needed to remove tattoos from all skin types.

Fewer Tattoo Removal Sessions

With the use of our superior PICO laser technology and experienced laser specialist we are able to break the ink down in your tattoo faster, therefore requiring fewer sessions for complete removal.

Better Outcomes

With Dave’s vast medical experience as a Physician Assistant with the use of the latest PICO technology, we are able to reduce the chances of scarring, hypopigmentation and hyperpigmention.


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Hand Tattoo

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Video: Black Ink Tattoo

Treatment Videos

6 sessions

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Black Ink Back Tattoo

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Amatuer Tattoo 6 Sessions

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Neck Tattoo Removal

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Our Tattoo Removal Process

  • Decision Making

    If you are viewing our website chances are you are interested in removing or lightening (for cover up) your tattoo. We have plenty of information on our website to help you decide whether or not this is something you’re ready to begin.

  • Obtain A Free Estimate

    We have several options in order for you to obtain a free estimate from us. Option 1: Visit our pricing page
    Option 2: Text a photo to (239) 201-3505
    Option 3: Call (877) 2-Erase-1

  • Setup 1st Session

    Once we’ve answered all your questions and you’ve had your free consultation, we can setup a time for your first session. When you come in for the first time we will go over everything with you once more and then begin treating your tattoo the same day.

  • Tattoo removal process

    The majority of tattoos can be removed in 6-8 sessions but some extremely dark tattoos may require more. When you return after the first session, Dave will be able to estimate the number of sessions needed. During the process take advantage of our referral program where you get $100 credit for every friend you refer.

Who Removes Your Tattoo?

Dave Cope PA-C
Our PA, Dave Cope is a licensed board certified Florida Physician Assistant.  After graduating from Albany Medical College in New York,  he took his first job in orthopedic surgery in San Francisco California.  While working in orthopedics he began working part time in the Emergency room.  Upon returning to Tampa, 12 years ago, he continued his ER career by working full time in a Trauma ER. We have been fortunate enough to have him come on with us full time for the past three years.  We believe that his vast medical knowledge and tattoo removal experience will ensure you the most professional care possible.

What our clients say about us

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I just had my 3rd session and can definitely see my tattoo going away. I actually seen results from my 2nd session. It is a nice and clean office (Fort Myers) and very experienced/knowledgeable staff. They are more then willing to answer any questions you might have and make you feel very comfortable. If you are looking to get a tattoo removed I would not look anywhere else..A++
Brian Galley
Brian Galley
15:13 01 Mar 17
I have, and would again, recommend ReversaTatt to anyone looking to have a Tattoo removed. I have had 3 sessions as of yet and have been extremely pleased with every appointment. Knowing it is a painful process, Dave has made it understandable, easy and able to work within your pain level. Anyone looking to have a tattoo Removed, give them a call, I highly recommend it!
Angela Reynolds
Angela Reynolds
14:39 20 Apr 17
Friendly and knowledgeable staff with a convenient location off Daniels Pkwy. Top of the line Pico technology laser. Not the most comfortable experience but it was quick and easy. I would recommend ReversaTatt to anyone who is in need of lightening a tattoo for a cover-up or erasing a bad tattoo.
Haley Joseph
Haley Joseph
16:28 22 Feb 17
Jacob Syrytsia
Jacob Syrytsia
00:47 02 Mar 17
Jessica Cosden
Jessica Cosden
17:55 14 Jun 17