Why ReversaTatt Tattoo Removal?


David Cope PA-C has personally done over 16 THOUSAND tattoo removal session. He will be the only person that ever does your tattoo removal session no matter which one of our 8 tattoo removal locations you go to.

PiQo4 Laser

PiQo4 treats a wide range of pigment colors and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of pigment deposits. It also has the largest spot size on the market, which allows you to deliver faster treatments.

Happy Customers

We have over 300 reviews throughout our 8 tattoo removal locations on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. We manage to get this review by being honest, and upfront with our patients.

ReversaTatt Tattoo Removal Reviews

Extremely courteous staff!! Dave is very patient and always takes the time to thoroughly address your questions through the process. If you're interested in tattoo removal, definitely give them a try...you won't regret it!!!
M. Riche
M. R.
03:24 04 May 18
Reversatatt has helped me on my journey of removing the biggest mistake I've made in my life, an ugly rather large tattoo of wings on my back. Dave and his...
Whitney S.
Whitney S.
16:17 16 Apr 19
Great work. Dave is the man and knows what he's doing!!
Kristian Tamara
Kristian T.
18:12 17 May 19
The staff are personable and punctual. The laser treatment is quick and performed with top quality equipment by experienced technician Dave. I would recommend ReversaTatt to anyone wanting a tattoo removal done properly and reasonably.
Steve Vorheis
Steve V.
19:23 21 Dec 18
Honestly, I am truly grateful for Dave getting this embarrasseing tattoo off my body. It’s been a timely process, but I’m nearing the end.Excellent customer service and flexible with scheduling. I’ve just had my 6th treatment with them and I am very pleased with the results thus far. I highly recommend ReversaTatt!Thank you!!!
Google User
Google U.
22:24 06 Jun 19
Reversatatt has helped me on my journey of removing the biggest mistake I’ve made in my life, an ugly rather large tattoo of wings on my back. Dave and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and helpful. By no means is tattoo removal fun but Dave will make sure you are as comfortable as one can be during the session. Honestly my sessions are always under 5 minutes and usually takes that long because I stop him in between each wing on my back. We’ve even recorded before and each wing was literally 25 seconds of laser time. The packages are amazing and worth the cost. If you have a regrettable tattoo or just even out grown an old one, i HIGHLY recommend Dave and his team at Reversatatt.
Whitney Salinas
Whitney S.
23:04 16 Apr 19
Office is very clean ! The staff is super nice and Dave is the best he makes me feel comfortable every time I go in for my tattoo removal sessions!
Kim Paino
Kim P.
19:33 24 Jul 18
I think we should also focus on how hot the entire staff is 😍 I love ReversaTatt ❤️
Ashley J. Fox
Ashley J. F.
14:33 01 Jun 19
In tattoo removal process now and seeing it get lighter and lighter between appointments. Very clean and professional atmosphere. Wait time for appointment is minimal. Very happy with results.
20:39 21 Dec 18
Great company! Dave and Wes are awesome and explain everything from start to finish so that you feel comfortable and understand the process. I found them after going to another local tattoo removal company in the area that wanted to charge me an astronomical amount of money. Thank goodness I found these guys... I was able to text with them and send a picture of the tattoo before even coming in. They answered all of my questions very thoroughly. I would definitely recommend ReversaTatt for anyone needing their tattoo removed!
Amanda Accetturo
Amanda A.
19:34 14 May 18
First and foremost - this team made my decision very easy in the selection process on who to trust to get this tattoo off of my body. The team at ReversaTatt is informative, friendly, fun, professional, and honest about the process. I’ve had three sessions (out of nine) so far and I look foward to going every time. Trust that this process is a marathon, not a sprint and you have support from the best team around with the most up to date equipment. I wish I could give them more stars!
Brandon Caulfield
Brandon C.
12:09 29 Jun 18
Very professional team. Communicated everything and took their time explaining the process and how it all works. Office was gorgeous and doctor very friendly. Only done for first session and within a month can definitely notice the fading. Going for second appointment this month. Definitely recommend!
Kinsey Harris
Kinsey H.
14:05 02 Jul 17
I have had several treatments and I cannot day enough great things about the reversatstt team. They respond quickly to messages, run on a schedule and are always on time. When I’m having the treatment done they are professional, fast and friendly. Price wise - they are perfectly priced. You aren’t going to find a better deal with the same level of professionalism.
Michelle Wood
Michelle W.
19:33 21 Dec 18
This place has made this process a lot easier for me. Every time I go for a removal appointment, the staff is very friendly and I always feel comfortable. Highly recommend!
Lindsay Clutter
Lindsay C.
16:03 15 Jan 19
Super happy with my results so far! I’ve seen a drastic difference with my solid black tattoo removal over my sessions, the facility is clean & chic and Dave & Wes are awesome. Best of all I’ve had zero skin reactions/scarring, which goes to show you they know what they’re doing. I’ve seen/heard some horrible stories so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND REVERSATATT PEOPLE!!!
Alex Cender
Alex C.
13:27 22 Dec 18
ReversaTatt was highly recommended to me by a friend. I was very hesitant to even explore having my tattoos removed because I heard the pain was absolutely excruciating. ReversaTatt was very upfront and did an amazing job guiding me through my first experience. I was provided with great/very effective suggestions on how to cut down my pain level during my procedure and was supported during the process. I have had 2 sessions and have already seen amazing results.
Joy Schemenauer
Joy S.
16:38 12 Aug 18
Everyone is extremely welcoming and very thorough in explaining the process you'll be going through. I've had a great experience at every session I've had and am very pleased with the progress thus far.
Cameron Peden
Cameron P.
22:39 26 Jul 18
I am seeing the regretful ink fade away! My experience with ReversaTatt has been incredible. I have had 4 sessions to date, where they are treating 2 pieces...
Kellie Ann K.
Kellie Ann K.
05:35 14 Dec 17
It was so easy to set up the initial appointment, share photos with them and get a quote was simple and they responded so quickly. They gave great instructions before my first appointment and even checked in on me after and answered a few questions I forgot to ask. I would recommend them if you need to remove that bad spring break whim of a decision you made.
Jennifer P
Jennifer P
00:03 30 Mar 19
Staff is so friendly and compassionate. They took great care to explain the removal process, which helps to give patience to the entire process. They try to make the removal as painless as possible!
Katharine Clukey
Katharine C.
22:25 27 Dec 18
This works!! I had previously used ideal image for two years to remove a tattoo with not so great results. After two sessions here I can see a huge...
Bridgett D.
Bridgett D.
05:15 17 Jun 17
Great atmosphere and very professional treatment. Lovely new office. Everything is explained regarding the tattoo removal process. I look forward to coming to the office every time to see how far my tattoo removal progress is coming along.
Jennifer Juzdowski
Jennifer J.
17:03 10 Jan 19
Dave and the staff are always very professional, respectful, and pleasant to work with. I continue to see progress as each session & time goes by. I also really appreciate the flexible scheduling & appointments available, it’s very convenient to work around my work schedule since I travel daily. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you guys soon.
Dwayne Morgan
Dwayne M.
11:04 05 May 18
Clean and punctual! Staff is pleasant and very helpful. Loving seeing my tattoo disappear!
20:44 21 Dec 18
Knowledgeable staff, quick procedure, convenient cost, and favorable appointment times! Having David PA-C remove my tattoo is one thing I don't regret!...
Nichole H.
Nichole H.
10:20 09 Jan 19
For some people yes that got tats for all wrong reason s
Eric Stone
Eric S.
17:45 07 Jul 19
Dave and the staff at ReversaTatt are amazing. The office is very inviting, clean and the staff is very professional and welcoming. Dave is informative each step of the way and sensitive to the clients concerns and needs. It can be a long frustrating process, but ReversaTatt and the staff truly make it as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend them.
Michelle DiCicco
Michelle D.
23:22 03 May 18
I've been to ReversaTatt 3 times so far and the tattoo is really starting to fade. The staff is very professional and friendly. I'm looking forward to...
Jessica L.
Jessica L.
06:34 10 Jan 18
The staff and services are great!! On my 3rd session and can already see a huge difference!
Rhonda Wuchte
Rhonda W.
22:52 19 Mar 18
Just finished my 4th session Dave and staff are are awesome!!I'm having 6 tattoos removed and can definitely see a major difference !!!Would definitely recommend to anyone that's ready to move forward with their life and remove some of their bad decisions !!!
Erik Feay
Erik F.
11:55 05 Aug 17
This place is the best! Super clean and professional and it works awesome. Dave is an awesome guy who really knows what he's talking about. Took care of my unwanted tattoo and you would never know I had it! Check them out if you want your tattoo gone with a great result!
Adam Bagoon
Adam B.
16:32 18 Feb 18
Staff is really friendly and professional. Great place overall.
Shylee Heyder
Shylee H.
12:58 26 Dec 18
Great people, professional, and they know what they are doing. I went to them to get a few tattoos lightened up for a cover up. After two treatments I am going to have them completely removed and I may not get new ones at all. They are noticeably lighter and others have noticed them as well.
Mike Bianco
Mike B.
19:51 27 Dec 18
Excellent service! Dave is a total champ!!
Jamison Williams
Jamison W.
20:03 27 Apr 19
What a wonderful experience with Reversatatt! Dave is AMAZING! As well as the staff. Knowledgeable The results exceeded expectations! If you need a tattoo removed come see Dave and he will Remove your Regret!
Emmett Sharkey
Emmett S.
20:11 04 Jun 18
Awesome staff and process! It’s nice to have the guidance of a skilled medical professional!
Charles Manuel
Charles M.
23:21 05 Jun 19
I’d recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Dave is the best! He’s so knowledgeable and willing to do what he can to put you at ease. All of the staff is great! They have text line if you have any questions about your process or if you just need to reschedule an appointment. I love it! Couldn’t ask for better customer service
Raven L. Cruz
Raven L. C.
01:09 15 Nov 18
The process was extremely easy and transparent. I texted a picture of my tattoo and got an estimate as well as clear expectations for now many sessions I would need. The pricing was fair and Wes was very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend this business.
Jillian Goldin
Jillian G.
01:50 16 Jan 19
Super quick process (less pain!) and the staff is phenomenal. I was checked in and lasered out in 15 minutes! (Other places I have waited 45 minutes and the...
Nichole H.
Nichole H.
10:24 27 Dec 18
Quick, professional, quality, reasonably priced!👍
Robé Rabun
Robé R.
21:29 21 Jun 19
Dave is the best their whole team is fantastic They make you feel comfortable In their prices are extremely fair. Highly recommend Them. I've just had my 5th session and I look forward To the next. I do not think it will be Many more sessions because of how fast the tattoos are disappearing.
Andrew Neal
Andrew N.
21:42 16 Apr 19


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