Refund Policy

ReversaTatt Refund Policy

Refund Policy For Individual Sessions

There are no refunds for individual sessions after you’ve completed your session. If you prepaid for an individual session and have not had the session associated with the pre-paid session and would like a refund please notify us for a refund to be issued to the same credit card used to pay for the session.
Free sessions associated with promotions or free sessions that ReversaTatt has compensated to your account as a credit are not refundable.


Refund Policy For Pre-Paid Packages

We will refund a prorated amount the unused sessions in the package excluding “free” promotional sessions. The refund method is based on the number of days it’s been since you’ve purchased the package due to merchant refund constraints. If less than 90 days we’ll refund to the credit card used to purchase package. If it’s greater than 90 days then we’ll issue a refund via check and mailed to an address you’ve requested within 10 business days.

Contacting Us


If there are any questions regarding this refund policy, you may contact us using the information below.
702 Flamingo Dr

Apollo Beach, Florida 33572

United States
Last Edited on 2018-02-16