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We've completed over 14,000 sessions and we use the newest laser technology.

5490 Bryson Drive Suite 202 Naples, FL 34109

Phone: (239) 201-3224

Tattoo Removal

ReversaTatt of Naples is located near the intersection of Airport Pulling and Pine Ridge Rd. We serve clients in the surrounding areas of Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Estero and other surrounding areas. We are the Naples area most experienced tattoo removal clinic.

Where we’re located

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Address: 5490 Bryson Drive Suite 202 Naples, FL 34109


Dave Cope has done over 14,000 sessions, an average of over 300 sessions a month since he’s started removing tattoos. Dave’s experience means faster tattoo removals, and more effective tattoo removals obtaining better outcomes.

Newest Laser Technology

+ Dual Pico and Nano Technology
+ Four Wavelengths – All Colors
+ Largest Spot Size
+ Most Energy
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Fewer Sessions

Although some places are not upfront about the number of sessions required to remove a tattoo the industry average is typically 10 to 16 sessions. At ReversaTatt our new laser technology is able to remove most tattoos between 5 to 8 sessions.

Better Outcomes

Why remove a tattoo and leave a scar or skin discoloration. This doesn’t have to be the way it is. With our laser and experiance, we’re able to effectively remove a tattoo while preserving skin integrated and appearance.

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Simply click the button below to text us a picture of your tattoo. We’ll send you the price per session and approximately how many sessions we think it will take to remove your tattoo.

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Our Clients Love Us

Very clean and professional office. Staff is always there to answer questions and to assist with any changes or accomodations with the best attitude. I 100% recommend this more
Fanny Val
12:50 25 Sep 18
Professional, well educated staff explained the process as well as provide me a clear expectation of the experience. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to remove a more
Kerri Hixson
12:08 20 Sep 18
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, flexible scheduling. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to remove a more
Anna Zwardon
11:26 05 Jun 18
Very good experience thus far. Everyone is above and beyond kind and professional. The procedure was explained in detail at the consultation. I’ve completed three treatments and I’m starting to see some changes. So glad I get to finally have this removed. It seems to be pretty cost effective, also. Overall, I am pleased to say I recommend this company and its more
SF Burns
23:55 08 May 18
These guys were great from the first session. Explained everything, in detail. All my questions answered. It does hurt (no lying). I've completed 2 sessions now. 3rd one next week.When you see your tattoo every day, you wonder (or at least I did) if it's working. Yes you see "edges" starting to fade, but my suggestion to you would be - take pictures. I just compared some "before" pictures to "today" and it's working. Very more
Jeffrey Werth
18:46 05 May 18
Dave is super knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable. They do an awesome job!
ben vohs
16:27 03 May 18
Bad experience with another place. Blistered every time and did not honor posted and verbal if tat not completely removed, discount would be given. Here. No blisters, no pain. Removal working great so farread more
Ann Apperson
16:17 03 May 18
Wonderful company and even better people! Extremely professional and clean. Felxible scheduling and financially reasonable. They all know how to make you laugh through some minor pain during your treatments. I would never go anywhere more
jessie lefkow
16:14 03 May 18
Robert Calvert
12:11 29 Mar 18
I have been wanting to remove my tattoo for a while now and I am so happy I found Reversatatt, after my first session it was nearly gone I couldn't believe the results. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting a tattoo removed they are so kind and the service is so more
Rochelle Negron
16:02 22 Feb 18
Great service! They are so fast and the results are faster! Highly recommended!!
Bridgett Oakes
14:02 14 Dec 17
francesca Iannotta
03:55 14 Dec 17
1st class!!!
Camille Morgan
13:12 22 Jul 17
Wes and Dave are outstanding!!! I've had a few treatments now and I was very nervous but they are very quick and gentle throughout the entire process!! Couldn't be happier with the progress in just a couple treatment as well. Highly recommend Reversa Tatt to anyone interested in removing an unwanted tattoo???read more
Dana Gray
18:03 12 Jul 17
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Dual Pico and Nano Technology

Pico technology is new to the tattoo removal industry and has revolutionized tattoo removal. Pico pulses are able to break up the ink particles into smaller pieces which facilitates the immune system in removing the ink from your body. Our laser also is capable of nano pulses which have been found to break up ink in resistant tattoos. Having both technologies ensures you that we can effectively break down the ink in your tattoo.

PiQo4 Video

Four Wavelengths – Effective Shattering of 9 of the most Popular Ink Colors:

The PiQo4 enables you to treat the broadest range of tattoo colors, on wide range of skin types. Since each ink pigment color absorbs a very specific wavelength, the PiQo4 is equipped with four wavelengths- 1064nm, 532nm, 650nm and 585nm – that target 9 of the most frequently used colors ranging from light orange to dark black.

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