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ReversaTatt Tattoo Removal Jupiter & Palm Beach

1015 West Indiantown Road, Suite 201 Jupiter Florida 33458

Phone: (561) 935-6655

Jupiter Tattoo Removal

ReversaTatt of Jupiter is located off Indiantown Rd in the River Plaza business plaza inside the Aqua Laser building. We serve clients in the surrounding areas of Palm Beach Garden, West Palm Beach, Stuart and other surrounding areas. We are the Jupiter area most experienced tattoo removal clinic.

Where We're Located

Address: 1015 West Indiantown Road, Suite 201 Jupiter Florida 33458


Dave Cope has done over 14,000 sessions, an average of over 300 sessions a month since he’s started removing tattoos. Dave’s experience means faster tattoo removals, and more effective tattoo removals obtaining better outcomes.

Newest Laser Technology

+ Dual Pico and Nano Technology
+ Four Wavelengths – All Colors
+ Largest Spot Size
+ Most Energy
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Fewer Sessions

Although some places are not upfront about the number of sessions required to remove a tattoo the industry average is typically 10 to 16 sessions. At ReversaTatt our new laser technology is able to remove most tattoos between 5 to 8 sessions.

Better Outcomes

Why remove a tattoo and leave a scar or skin discoloration. This doesn’t have to be the way it is. With our laser and experiance, we’re able to effectively remove a tattoo while preserving skin integrated and appearance.

Find out how much it is to remove your tattoo in 30 seconds...

So many five-star reviews... Find out why people love us so much

When she leaves it’s still skin deep - or spelt like leaf it looks like queef - the problems that be the reversatatt team - can take what’s made cheap and wipe the slate clean!! 😆😆Very satisfied with Reversatatt staff and tattoo removal process!! I’ve had 6 visits and Dave is amazing at what he does.. he enjoys his job just tad too much🤣😂 - just kidding- he really does a great job having fun with it and making you comfortable with the process!! The office is clean and professional plus my visits are always quick!! Definitely referring my friends!! Thank you Dave, Reversatatt, and staff!! 👍🏻👍🏻read more
joshua berg
04:02 16 Jan 19
Dave & all the staff at Reversa Tatt are amazing. They are easy to communicate with! Call, Text, or email & they will get right back to you to answer any questions you may have! I wasn’t hesitant originally, but with their knowledge and payment options, you can’t go wrong with Reversa Tatt! I went in to get one removed and now I’m getting two! You won’t regret it! Money well spent!read more
17:56 08 Jan 19
Highly recommend!!! Reversa Tatt staff has been amazing with my tattoo removal process. They are friendly and super informative with the whole more
Robert Rodgers
16:24 07 Jan 19
Love this place. Can't recommend enough. Great staff and great service.
Jenny Wright
14:47 02 Jan 19
Staff is so friendly and compassionate. They took great care to explain the removal process, which helps to give patience to the entire process. They try to make the removal as painless as possible!read more
Katharine Clukey
22:25 27 Dec 18
After looking around online Im happy that i found these guys! They had before and after pictures that really made me comfortable knowing that my neck tattoo will be removed with in 6-8 sessions! The pain scale from 1-10 was about a 6 so Im happy I finally found someone I could trust!read more
Victor Gaskins
07:47 23 Dec 18
ReversaTatt has amazing packages they can literally save you $100’s!! There’s always specials going on where you can save money!! Saving money for high quality is something you can’t beat! They will never lose me as a client ! Extremely happy with them!!!read more
Sarah W
22:23 21 Dec 18
In tattoo removal process now and seeing it get lighter and lighter between appointments. Very clean and professional atmosphere. Wait time for appointment is minimal. Very happy with more
20:39 21 Dec 18
ReversaTatt was highly recommended to me by a friend. I was very hesitant to even explore having my tattoos removed because I heard the pain was absolutely excruciating. ReversaTatt was very upfront and did an amazing job guiding me through my first experience. I was provided with great/very effective suggestions on how to cut down my pain level during my procedure and was supported during the process. I have had 2 sessions and have already seen amazing more
Joy Schemenauer
16:38 12 Aug 18
Fantastic!I highly recommendThanks to Dave & the entire staff..Now I never longer have to live with ink I don’t want.The place to go to get rid of ink you don’t wantread more
Steven Weinstein
00:51 22 Jul 18
Hands down best tattoo removal in South Florida! Dave and Wes couldn't make the process any easier. Never spent more than 15 mins from time I walk in door till time I leave. Their pricing easily beats any place around and you get A+ results. Seeing good fading on my heavy, black script tattoo after only a few sessions. No scaring or nasty blistering. Do yourself a favor and go to Dave and ReversaTatt for your removals!read more
Brad Sullivan
13:42 01 Jun 18
Great company! Dave and Wes are awesome and explain everything from start to finish so that you feel comfortable and understand the process. I found them after going to another local tattoo removal company in the area that wanted to charge me an astronomical amount of money. Thank goodness I found these guys... I was able to text with them and send a picture of the tattoo before even coming in. They answered all of my questions very thoroughly. I would definitely recommend ReversaTatt for anyone needing their tattoo removed!read more
Amanda Accetturo
19:34 14 May 18
I have had the best experience getting my tattoo removed. Not only is Dave awesome you are in and out before you know it. I would highly recommend there company if you looking to remove you tattoo!!read more
Liz Renneberg
12:31 05 May 18
Dave is the best! I had a super old tattoo that was already pretty faded from the Florida sun that I just wanted gone because it looked pretty rough. Dave and crew have been nothing but friendly and professional. It hurts but it goes quick thanks to Dave’s skill. I feel like a lot of laser studios are untrustworthy and don’t provide real results but that is just not the case here. I am so glad I put my faith in more
Nicole Larche
01:44 04 May 18
Amazing place for your tattoo removal needs. They are effiecent, friendly, and great people all together. I am noticing great difference in my tattoos being removed. I highly recommend!read more
Bri Burgess
22:24 03 May 18
I recommended this tattoo studio to anyone that has made a really dumb decision to get a tattoo that they knew they would regret, they are affordable and quick and makes the process as painless as possibleread more
Jamaal McFarlane
19:11 03 May 18
ReversaTatt in Jupiter is where you need to go if you want your tattoo removed professionally and accurately. The staff is friendly, the office and patient rooms are clean, and David is assertive to the needs of both you and your tattoo. I happily recommend ReversaTatt to any of my friends or family searching for an effective tattoo removal solution. Thanks, ReversaTatt!read more
Sarah Wattick
17:35 03 May 18
I have my third session tomorrow at the Jupiter location… I’ve seen good change already with my tattoos! I am very happy with the progress so far, the staff is super nice and makes the experience enjoyable and I would recommend them to anyone!!read more
Danielle Short
16:24 03 May 18
Beautiful office, friendly staff and great results so far! 4 sessions down and 4 to go! Nothing but good things to say about the guys from ReversaTatt they're respectful, kind, and always nothing but smiles and laughs to make each session as enjoyable as it can be. If you're looking to remove a tattoo or just lighten up for a cover up i highly recommend them!read more
Kayla Springstead
16:16 03 May 18
this was the best tattoo removal experience I have ever had! Before i found Reverses a Tat i had started with another company and was not pleased with the results. Even after only just one treatment I can see a huge difference! I was terrified to have the procedure done but they made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I could not be more pleased! Im so looking forward to my next visitread more
Beth Townsend
18:56 13 Mar 18
I have started removing my tattoo at the Jupiter location and already I'm starting to see great results! Super friendly staff and Dave is professional and accomadating! Great staff and environment!#reversatatt#reverseregretread more
Nabila Abughali
23:10 22 Dec 17
Great place and very friendly staff. Never thought it would work and now my tattoo is almost gone.
Mitch Ortado
00:41 19 Dec 17
Very professional team. Communicated everything and took their time explaining the process and how it all works. Office was gorgeous and doctor very friendly. Only done for first session and within a month can definitely notice the fading. Going for second appointment this month. Definitely recommend!read more
Kinsey Harris
17:07 10 Jul 17
Just finished my third session and am very happy with the results. Dave is very knowledgeable and answers all of my questions. I highly recommend Reversatatt if you are looking to remove a more
erik feay
20:08 09 Jun 17
I'm on my third treatment of tattoo removal, I am highly satisfied with Reversatatt! Dave and Wes are amazing. Very professional and knowledgeable and great guys all more
Cassie Mitchell
19:43 09 Jun 17
Dave has been helping me remove my tattoo for about 6 months now and I can honestly say I couldn't be happier with the results. Before I had my first appointment, I was a bit nervous about how it was all going to go, but Dave is very professional with his work and makes you feel comfortable about the process right from the beginning. Looking forward to continuing the removal!!read more
Todd Young
18:58 15 Apr 17
I have been going to Dave for over a year now to remove a tattoo. He is truly an awesome guy with years of experience using these lasers. Like anything else getting a tattoo removed is a process and you must be patient. It's a pleasure to see Dave and have him work on my tattoo. He does a great job in a very relaxed atmosphere. If you need a tattoo removed this is the place to go and Dave is the guy to see!read more
Adam B
10:41 26 Mar 17
ear tattoo removal
black ink tattoo removal
finger tattoo removal
chineese tattoo removal
leg tattoo removal
progress tattoo removal
leg tattoo removal

Dual Pico and Nano Technology

Pico technology is new to the tattoo removal industry and has revolutionized tattoo removal. Pico pulses are able to break up the ink particles into smaller pieces which facilitates the immune system in removing the ink from your body. Our laser also is capable of nano pulses which have been found to break up ink in resistant tattoos. Having both technologies ensures you that we can effectively break down the ink in your tattoo.

PiQo4 Tattoo Removal Laser Video

Four Wavelengths

The PiQo4 enables you to treat the broadest range of tattoo colors, on wide range of skin types. Since each ink pigment color absorbs a very specific wavelength, the PiQo4 is equipped with four wavelengths- 1064nm, 532nm, 650nm and 585nm – that target 9 of the most frequently used colors ranging from light orange to dark black.

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