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ReversaTatt Tattoo Removal Fort Myers

13450 Parker Commons Blvd #105a, Fort Myers, FL 33912

Phone: (239) 552-3116

Fort Myers Tattoo Removal

ReversaTatt of Fort Myers is located off Daniels Pkwy in the Parker Commons business plaza inside the Nuviva building. We serve clients in the surrounding areas of North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Estero and other surrounding areas. We are the Fort Myers area most experienced tattoo removal clinic.

Where We're Located

Address:13450 Parker Commons Blvd #105a, Fort Myers, FL 33912


Dave Cope has done over 14,000 sessions, an average of over 300 sessions a month since he’s started removing tattoos. Dave’s experience means faster tattoo removals, and more effective tattoo removals obtaining better outcomes.

Newest Laser Technology

+ Dual Pico and Nano Technology
+ Four Wavelengths – All Colors
+ Largest Spot Size
+ Most Energy
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Fewer Sessions

Although some places are not upfront about the number of sessions required to remove a tattoo the industry average is typically 10 to 16 sessions. At ReversaTatt our new laser technology is able to remove most tattoos between 5 to 8 sessions.

Better Outcomes

Why remove a tattoo and leave a scar or skin discoloration. This doesn’t have to be the way it is. With our laser and experiance, we’re able to effectively remove a tattoo while preserving skin integrated and appearance.

Find out how much it is to remove your tattoo in 30 seconds...

So many five-star reviews... Find out why people love us so much

When she leaves it’s still skin deep - or spelt like leaf it looks like queef - the problems that be the reversatatt team - can take what’s made cheap and wipe the slate clean!! 😆😆Very satisfied with Reversatatt staff and tattoo removal process!! I’ve had 6 visits and Dave really does a great job having fun with it and making you comfortable with the process!! The office is clean and professional plus my visits are always quick!! Definitely referring my friends!! Thank you Dave, Reversatatt, and staff!! 👍🏻👍🏻read more
joshua berg
03:56 16 Jan 19
I can't thank David PA-C and his team enough for their knowledge and professionalism.The appointments are easy to make (via text!), the procedure is quick, and the cost is competitive. Thank you guys!read more
Nichole Herman
16:47 09 Jan 19
Dave & all the staff at Reversa Tatt are amazing. They are easy to communicate with! Call, Text, or email & they will get right back to you to answer any questions you may have! I wasn’t hesitant originally, but with their knowledge and payment options, you can’t go wrong with Reversa Tatt! I went in to get one removed and now I’m getting two! You won’t regret it! Money well spent!read more
17:54 08 Jan 19
Reversa Tatt staff has been amazing with my tattoo removal process. They are friendly and super informative with the whole more
Robert Rodgers
16:22 07 Jan 19
Staff is really friendly and professional. Great place overall.
Shylee Heyder
12:58 26 Dec 18
So happy i found these guys! After looking at many companies this one had the best reviews! My first visit i was in and out of the office in no time! The level of discomfort was just about the same as when i got my original tattoo! The doctors are super nice and I'm excited to be going back for more treatments!read more
Victor Gaskins
07:39 23 Dec 18
Friendly staff, great with communicating and following up on any questions you have about tattoo removal. Professional and welcoming environment!read more
Bailey F
14:17 22 Dec 18
#1 results #1 low prices #1 customer service #1 laser removal Can not beat ReversaTatt! Got another place in mind? Well guess what!? ....can’t relate and neither will you after you visit them! You’ll never know any other place besides ReversaTatt! Guaranteed!!!read more
Sarah W
22:02 21 Dec 18
The staff are personable and punctual. The laser treatment is quick and performed with top quality equipment by experienced technician Dave. I would recommend ReversaTatt to anyone wanting a tattoo removal done properly and more
Steve Vorheis
19:23 21 Dec 18
Excelent staff and awsome results! I had three large tattoos removed and they are completely gone! Couldn't have asked for a better result! Dave (owner) is a very professional and down to earth more
T. C.
19:07 02 Aug 18
Everyone is extremely welcoming and very thorough in explaining the process you'll be going through. I've had a great experience at every session I've had and am very pleased with the progress thus more
Cameron Peden
22:39 26 Jul 18
First and foremost - this team made my decision very easy in the selection process on who to trust to get this tattoo off of my body. The team at ReversaTatt is informative, friendly, fun, professional, and honest about the process. I’ve had three sessions (out of nine) so far and I look foward to going every time. Trust that this process is a marathon, not a sprint and you have support from the best team around with the most up to date equipment. I wish I could give them more stars!read more
Brandon Caulfield
12:09 29 Jun 18
Dave and the staff are always very professional, respectful, and pleasant to work with. I continue to see progress as each session & time goes by. I also really appreciate the flexible scheduling & appointments available, it’s very convenient to work around my work schedule since I travel daily. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you guys more
Dwayne Morgan
11:04 05 May 18
I am making good progress so far. Actually its going way faster than I expected. Always talk injuries with doc which is cool more
Christopher Kotz
00:13 04 May 18
Dave and the staff at ReversaTatt are amazing. The office is very inviting, clean and the staff is very professional and welcoming. Dave is informative each step of the way and sensitive to the clients concerns and needs. It can be a long frustrating process, but ReversaTatt and the staff truly make it as comfortable as possible. I highly recommend more
Michelle DiCicco
23:22 03 May 18
Dave is very knowledgeable and it was very reassuring to know he was also having his own tattoo removed! So he truly understands the process. I am 2 sessions in and I am very excited to start seeing my tattoo slowly dissappearread more
Jailene Reyna
20:02 03 May 18
I just signed up for a session of 9 and I have had one done so far. The price was way better than going to a dermatologist and I know they use a good machine. It was super easy to get an appointment and they have been very communicative through text. I Will update the results I get but so far, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a tattoo removed!read more
17:36 03 May 18
My husband has had 3 sessions, and already almost off. Love coming here. In and out, up-front, affordable, and wonderful surrounding. Definitely recommend coming here! Can't wait to post the before and after more
Crystal Astorga
16:37 03 May 18
Fast friendly and cool people's if you're in Fort Myers looking to get some janky tattoos removed this is the place, don't belive the hype either the pain isn't that bad and the sessions are over very fast, thank you Reversa Tatt!read more
Thatthere Guy
16:26 03 May 18
Very professional team. Have seen great results so far. Customer service is excellent, very easy to get in contact with them and flexible with availabilityread more
Daniela Barrenechea
16:19 03 May 18
Dave and ReversaTatt have always been so helpful and great to work with. Always available for questions, professional, laid back & the facility is great too!read more
Lauren Brooks
21:32 19 Feb 18
I have had a great experience with Reversatatt. They are professional, know what they are doing and I was never afraid of anything bad happening. It isn’t painless but it’s quick. I would highly recommend them! My results are looking fantastic more
Kenzie Jordyn
17:31 11 Jan 18
I can't say enough great things about this business. The people that work there are professional and down to earth. They really care about the customers wants and needs and made me feel very comfortable when I was super nervous on my first appointment. I recommend them to everyone!read more
Ariel Green
00:27 08 Jan 18
Dave and the staff have been very helpful and very thorough with the process. Definitely would recommend them to anyone that is looking to get they’re tattoo more
Brenda Rios
01:58 04 Jan 18
I was very nervous with going through with removing a big tattoo that I got when I was younger. Dave and the staff put me at ease with answering all of my questions and explaining the process. I was able to do my first tattoo removal session the same day I came in for my consultation. I am only two sessions in, but I am very excited to see the end more
Hailey Tucker
02:59 29 Dec 17
Very professional setting and quick service! So far I’m seeing results i love!
Candyce Gonzalez
23:20 28 Dec 17
Top of the line laser technology produces top of the line results. I’ve had 4 sessions now and each visit has been beyond pleasant. I highly recommend this business to anyone who, like me, has a tattoo “ragret.” Dave is a super nice guy, and although the process of tattoo removal can be slightly uncomfortable, the end results make it all worth it. #NoPainNoGainread more
04:38 22 Dec 17
I love the ability to schedule appt and communicate via text message. Very professional and friendly service provided.
Kimberly Gleisle
13:17 14 Dec 17
My skin healed extremely well from all the treatments which was a big concern for me. No scarring
Sharon Mccully
01:11 14 Dec 17
Friendly staff and affordable tattoo removal! They talked me through the entire process before my first session and are always quick to respond to any questions. The sessions are very quick, literally in the room for less than 2 minutes. It's certainly not the most pleasant experience but it's quick, effective and Dave is great. Thanks so much!read more
Kristina Neckar
00:27 14 Dec 17
Jessica Cosden
17:55 14 Jun 17
I have, and would again, recommend ReversaTatt to anyone looking to have a Tattoo removed. I have had 3 sessions as of yet and have been extremely pleased with every appointment. Knowing it is a painful process, Dave has made it understandable, easy and able to work within your pain level. Anyone looking to have a tattoo Removed, give them a call, I highly recommend it!read more
Angela Reynolds
14:39 20 Apr 17
Jacob Syrytsia
00:47 02 Mar 17
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I just had my 3rd session and can definitely see my tattoo going away. I actually seen results from my 2nd session. It is a nice and clean office (Fort Myers) and very experienced/knowledgeable staff. They are more then willing to answer any questions you might have and make you feel very comfortable. If you are looking to get a tattoo removed I would not look anywhere else..A++read more
Brian Galley
15:13 01 Mar 17
Friendly and knowledgeable staff with a convenient location off Daniels Pkwy. Top of the line Pico technology laser. Not the most comfortable experience but it was quick and easy. I would recommend ReversaTatt to anyone who is in need of lightening a tattoo for a cover-up or erasing a bad more
Haley Joseph
16:28 22 Feb 17
ear tattoo removal
black ink tattoo removal
finger tattoo removal
chineese tattoo removal
leg tattoo removal
progress tattoo removal
leg tattoo removal

Dual Pico and Nano Technology

Pico technology is new to the tattoo removal industry and has revolutionized tattoo removal. Pico pulses are able to break up the ink particles into smaller pieces which facilitates the immune system in removing the ink from your body. Our laser also is capable of nano pulses which have been found to break up ink in resistant tattoos. Having both technologies ensures you that we can effectively break down the ink in your tattoo.

PiQo4 Tattoo Removal Laser Video

Four Wavelengths

The PiQo4 enables you to treat the broadest range of tattoo colors, on wide range of skin types. Since each ink pigment color absorbs a very specific wavelength, the PiQo4 is equipped with four wavelengths- 1064nm, 532nm, 650nm and 585nm – that target 9 of the most frequently used colors ranging from light orange to dark black.

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