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ReversaTatt Tattoo Removal Tampa specially in just tattoo removal. We use the PiQo4 tattoo removal laser which treats a wide range of tattoo colors and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of pigment deposits. It also has the largest spot size on the market, which allows you to deliver faster treatments. PiQo4’s ability to treat a wide variety of skin types. ReversaTatt is fully certified and experienced with years of tattoo removal experience. We offer three way to pay for your tattoo removal treatments. Pay in full, pay per session & interest free payment plans.

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Tampa ReversaTatt Tattoo Removal Reviews

I have been a client of Dave Cope’s for almost a year now and I am removing multiple tattoos. After 4 sessions, I can see my tattoos (rich in color and ink) fading. The process itself isn’t delightful to be honest but Dave is both personable and knowledgeable…making my visits something I enjoy. Prices are reasonable, results are noticeable… I highly recommend. A++++++
Been going here for almost 2 years and not disappointed, affordable prices,friendly staff and Dave is great. Would highly recommend reversatatt for anybody interested in removing their tattoo, without breaking the bank. Very professional, friendly, dependable,clean, list goes on, thank you guys for your great service. 👍
Miguel Martinez
Miguel M.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff who explained the laser process, as well as the healing/removal time frame. The pricing was reasonable as well. The procedure did sting, but it was over in a flash ⚡️
Candice Wooten
Candice W.
Reversa Tatt is amazing. I’m always early or late and they accommodate. And the removal is thorough and complete. 5 stars
Chris Carson
Chris C.
Great service, staffs are extremely nice and friendly. After each session, we always chat for a few minutes before I leave. Overall, great treatment with great people! Extremely satisfied!
Daniel Kelly
Daniel K.
Jessica and Dave are amazing, although painful I always have a great time chit chatting with the team. Both so professional & informative! I’ll recommend this place to literally anyone.
Melissa Gonzalez
Melissa G.
Very easy consultation process. Received a quote after a few text messages, and the price was much cheaper than others I had received. Communication has been great...I had several questions before/after my first session, and I have always received prompt answers. I’ve had 3 sessions so far and am already seeing some results. Looking forward to seeing even more results after future sessions.
Matthew Delgado
Matthew D.
Very professional clean facility. Tattoo removal has been (mostly) painless (it is a laser after all). Highly recommend.
Jeromi Critikos
Jeromi C.
This place is amazing. Dave is nice, knowledgeable, and professional. The place is clean too. They work with your schedule for appointments and are affordable too! Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.
Heather Allberry
Heather A.
The staff are extremely thorough. They completely walk you through each step of the process. It’s extremely comforting that you know what to expect going in before any procedure, because unlike other tattoo removal places that expect you to have “done your research” the staff has no problem going over things with you at the time of your appointments and consultation. I highly recommend ReversaTatt to anyone thinking about tattoo removal or fading.
Andrea Coleman
Andrea C.
I was looking around to see where I could get a tattoo removed and came across Reversa Tatt. And honestly I’m so glad I did. The whole experience has been great. They have worked with me around my crazy schedule which I am so grateful and the customer service is A++ they are always just a text away. I knew it was going to be pricey so the fact that they had different kinds of payment plans sealed the deal for me. Thank you guys!
Moises D.j. Coronazo
Moises D.j. C.
This place is very professional and provides a great service.I’m always greeted by a friendly face.
Dominick Palomino
Dominick P.
Great experience coming here! I never have to wait, I’m always in and out. Would recommend to anyone looking to get an unwanted tattoo removed.
Indie V
Indie V
Very professional team! Clean office, they always get me in and out within 5-10 minutes, and they are super accommodating when you need to change your appointment. I bought a tattoo removal package and I’ve gotten amazing results!!
Amelia Ruff
Amelia R.
Great experience, appointment times are convenient and the process is not going to leave a scar- even better. Very nice people!
Susan Wowk
Susan W.
I’ve had 2 sessions so far at ReversaTatt. The experience has been great and I’m already seeing results! The staff is polite and knowledgeable and I always get right in at my appointment time without having to wait around. Highly recommend checking them out.
ReversaTatt has helped me reverse the horrible tribal arm band tattoo decision that I made at a young age. I couldn’t be more happy with the final results. Can’t even tell it ever existed!
Jeffrey Delaney
Jeffrey D.
Definitely the best tattoo removal in Tampa!! Upscale, professional clinic and I love their laser...doesn’t leave a mark and gets rid of ALL tattoo colors. I know a lot of people who have used these guys and everyone has been really happy.
Jimmy B
Jimmy B
All though this is never an enjoyable experience, it’s as good as it can be for tattoo removal. It took 9 sessions and my tattoo is gone from my lower back. The process is quick because my tattoo is small, so pain is tolerable. Dave & Wes are great and they have package/session/monthly pricing options. Stick it out and they can remove your tattoo!
Haley Joseph
Haley J.
I've been going to them for months for tat removal and am very pleased with the results so far... they are knowledgeable and reasonably priced, great experience and would def recommend to any one looking.
Jennifer Morris
Jennifer M.
Very happy with my ReversaTatt experience. Dave and Wes are professional and knowledgeable about the process. All my questions and concerns about the process were answered up front. After a previous bad experience I am glad I made the switch and highly recommend them.
Kacey Webb
Kacey W.
Super professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly... their laser works! Couldn’t be more happy with how my tattoo turned out. Highly recommend ReversaTatt!
Jeffrey , Luc
Jeffrey , L.
If you are considering tattoo removal this is the company to use. I have used several but the level of professionalism, cost and service has been the best here. The tech who does the treatment is a pro and always makes me feel relaxed during the treatments. I cannot day enough good things about reversatatt. I’m not done with my treatments but I am already seeing major results. My next session is next month and I hope to be done in a few more. I’m having 7 tattoos treated!
Michelle Wood
Michelle W.
I’d recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Dave is the best! He’s so knowledgeable and willing to do what he can to put you at ease. All of the staff is great! They have text line if you have any questions about your process or if you just need to reschedule an appointment. I love it! Couldn’t ask for better customer service
Raven L. Cruz
Raven L. C.
This place is the best! Super clean and professional and it works awesome. Dave is an awesome guy who really knows what he's talking about. Took care of my unwanted tattoo and you would never know I had it! Check them out if you want your tattoo gone with a great result!
Adam Bagoon
Adam B.
Just finished my 4th session Dave and staff are are awesome!!I'm having 6 tattoos removed and can definitely see a major difference !!!Would definitely recommend to anyone that's ready to move forward with their life and remove some of their bad decisions !!!
Erik Feay
Erik F.
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PiQo4 Tattoo Removal Laser

Welcome to the future of getting rid of the past

PiQo4 treats a wide range of tattoo colors and its versatile energy matrix ensures effective shattering of pigment deposits. It also has the largest spot size on the market, which allows you to deliver faster treatments. PiQo4’s ability to treat a wide variety of skin types.

The PiQo4 brings unique technology with combination of unsurpassed advantages

Piq04 Tattoo Removal Laser Features

Most Common Tattoo Removal Questions

There are several different brands and technology lasers on the market today.  The latest is the new Pico technology. It has more energy with short pulse bursts and is much more skin sparing than the older Nano technology.   The key differences today amongst the PICO lasers is the amount of energy they can produce and how many wavelength settings it can use. Some lasers work just on blues and greens, some on just red and black and others have all the wavelength settings to remove all colors.

There is no thermal energy coming from the laser, so it cannot burn you or the ink out. The PICO lasers of today use light and sound waves to break up the ink into small particles that can be consumed by the body.

Amateur done tattoos usually come out quicker due to the fact that professional tattoo ink is rarely used and the person putting in the ink usually does not have professional training. Most homemade tattoos do not contain the heavy ink density of a professionally done tattoo.

Depending upon the type of substance used greatly effects whether or not a laser can remove them. Substances like soot and ash (primarily jail tattoos) can be removed as well as art ink like India ink. Other substances like permanent makeup ink and any substance that has heavy metals in them are harder to remove.