4 Reasons Why Professionals Are Removing Their Tattoos

Both getting tattoos and removing them are very personal choices that individuals must make.   There are many reasons that people choose to remove tattoos which can include, bad tattoo jobs, having children, tattoo is no longer in style, but the one of the most common reasons is usually for job placement and career advancement.  

1. Getting Into The Military / Civil Service

Starting with our youngest clients, those trying to get into the military.  No matter which branch they are trying to get into, each and every one of them do not allow hand or neck tattoos. Both the Police and Fire Department have similar rules prior to hire.

2. Trust

Trust is another reason professional people opt to remove tattoos. I have worked in medicine for 17 years now and I have heard over and over that older patients do not trust their health care providers if they have visible tattoos.  Hence, why most hospitals and doctor’s offices make their employees cover tattoos.

3. Professional Appearance 

Some people choose to remove tattoos to have a more professional appearance. I have had several realtors and sales people come in to remove visible tattoos because they didn’t want their potential clients to think they were just a “used car” salesman out to make a quick buck.   

4. Advancement

The biggest reason I hear is for career advancement.   People usually get tattoos when they are younger and don’t really think about future careers and where their lives may take them.  Most people start out at entry level jobs and in time get promoted into more advanced, responsible positions.   A lot of people with visible tattoos are passed over for promotions,  employers want them to look as professional as possible, since they are representing the company as a whole.   

Whatever your reason may be, removing visible tattoos can help you achieve job placement or advancement.   Here at ReversaTatt we are dedicated to helping you remove your unwanted tattoos and hope we can help you pursue the career or your dreams…